Thursday, October 28, 2004

Blimp Kind the Third

The Blimp Kind (first seen here and here) returned to our smoggy skies today (along with a helicopter gunship, probably taking aerial footage of any of the 80 gazillion CEO trials going on in this city). Today, it was a MetLife blimp, and my fascination with the Blimp Kind dissipated quickly as once again, the Blimp Kind just didn't see us and I was sure that I was going to meet my end at Snoopy's paws.

We all stood there at the windows, yelling at the Blimp Kind, and gesturing wildly. The problem is, our windows are tinted and while we can see the Blimp Kind, they cannot see we the people (obviously, as it doesn't seem as they can even see our 50-story tall building surrounded by other Very Tall Buildings (tm)) and so I suggested perhaps I should whip out the whistle from my emergency kit as a last resort.

People, you have no idea how many things go fly in your friendly sky during a day. I mean, until you are up in the sky with those fly sky things, you just have no idea. And every now and then, just when we've settled into a sense of calm, an Apache helicopter or F-14 buzzes us, probably just to remind us that they are out there, our tax dollars at work. I feel safe immediately when a helicopter gunship roars by, especially after the windows stop rattling.

Admittedly some parts of this city are a war zone, but I didn't think it was so much so that we needed heavy duty artillery. Meanwhile, while the Air Force is circling downtown, the Blimp Kind lurch in our direction in a manner that can only be described as 'drunken' or 'near sighted.' But for what it's worth, I'm glad the Blimp Kind are up there; they serve as a nice speed bump for the roarin' Tomcats.

Link of the day: Create your own terror alert.

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