Thursday, April 15, 2004

Everyone's a blogger these days

The thing about blogging is that you have to come up with something new and original and interesting to blog about. This is a lot harder than one might think. And as you might have guessed -- and those of you who know me in RL know for sure -- I have a hard time staying on any one subject for any length of time. So I'm sure there are people who stop by and find a topic here of interest and then are forced to flee when they realize I'm back to the shallow, superficial type stuff.

There are a lot of things on my mind and most of them could probably find a home here, but I have to weigh what I'm thinking or feelings against other considerations. First of all, I'm not entirely sure who reads this blog. A few of you leave comments regularly or are RL people; the RL people already know the important stuff and the same goes for the longtime virtual friends. So I leave most of the private stuff out. You're not going to find too much incriminating stuff here. Exploding eggs and chair building stories, yes, but nothing more racy than that.

Actually, I'm quite boring. Exploding eggs is really as good as it gets.

I've realized that one should never post work-related stuff in a public forum. The Internet isn't as anonymous as you might think it. You never know who is passing by. So, only in the vaguest terms will you find work-related stuff here.

I try to avoid politics. Some of you who stop by are of different political persuasions and it's all good. I really don't want to inadvertantly insult someone and I'm also not that interested in having a political debate. I have my beliefs, other people have theirs, and I respect that. Every now and then though, I reserve the right to bash the politician of my choice.

Which leaves me with links. Linking is always safe because you can always come up with something interesting that people will like and it's amazing how much free time some people have on their hands (or wish they had something to do with their spare time). And in the spirit of going with the link, this one is for Bjorn, who has recently discovered "Sports Night." Go forth and enjoy.

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