Saturday, February 16, 2002

Flaky Seema

The "Elvis in the House" entry took place on a Thursday, not a Friday. It just felt like a Friday, since we don't have classes on Fridays - only the occasional seminar which requires suit-wearing attendance (no one should ever have to wear a suit on Friday- I'm serious about this), so basically, Thursday is my Friday. And yes, this means I get a long weekend sort-of every weekend, though for some reason, I don't get President's Day off; heck, we didn't even get Labor Day off, but we did get MLK's birthday off - which freaked me out majorly, especially since most schools which observe it call it an 'inservice day' because heaven forbid we honor MLK by name...

A coworker asked me to register to vote in my new county of residence and to also vote for a certain candidate, of whom I could only say he was a decent man. Which led said coworker to say that decent men are needed in Congress and so I should vote for him. I agree with that statement, but why am I going to vote for a conservative candidate, decent or not? This, my coworker could not understand. Didn't I want someone who would stick by his beliefs? Sure, but do I really care if a conservative candidate sticks by his beliefs or not? Sticking by one's beliefs is all fine and dandy, but I'm not a conservative, so the last thing I'm going to do is throw my vote to someone who is. I just found it incredibly humorous that X candidate's decency should be the reason I ought to vote for him, politics aside. And no, I don't mention that I'm a Democract (and occasionally, socialist) in these here parts - I do want to survive the walk back to my car and there are two things that you should never ever discuss: religion and politics.

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