Friday, July 06, 2001 . Strawberries and cream, Saturday morning - life doesn't get better than this. Of course, I'm dismayed that Capriati got bounced, but that should make the Williams-Henin match that much more interesting. I guess my money is on Venus - she's the defending champion after all. At least this makes the women's game all the more exciting - before it was kind of a "Capriati is going to take this one" - not that I would have minded that. Her comeback has been so amazing that I really just want good things for her. I love it when people turn themselves around so dramatically. But it's also nice to see new blood. So, in case there are any doubts of what I'll be doing Saturday and Sunday mornings...

BTW, still no new computer, for those of you wondering. However, in good news, it turns out that the motherboard on my computer is what bit the dust, not the hard drive. This is most excellent news - I really wasn't looking forward to rewriting and was about to just pretend certain projects weren't really, you know, out there? But my brother is building a computer for me, and I should be able to retrieve all of my material from the hard drive this weekend.

Fanfic rec: Back to Trek for this one. Meet Djinn. Everything is highly recommended, especially her "Endgame" codas. To adulterate a line from Jack Nicholson, Djinn makes me want to be a better writer. Go, read, enjoy.

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