Monday, July 30, 2001

So I'm on a website for a company which shall remain nameless and it basically gives me all of this information. Lots of cool reasons why I should buy them (like there is a choice - okay, it's a cable company, so you know it's a monopoly already) but no information on how much they're going to cost me! And I get my hopes all up because of ambigious links like "Basic networks" which gives me nothing but a picture of some baseball team playing baseball. So, this site is my bad site of the day. Though, I won't name it here, because they have more money than me, but it's something to ponder. So what have we learned, kids?

  • Make sure your links are not "mystery meat." Some people may enjoy clicking and getting pleasantly surprised; I'm not one of them
  • If it's a business site, tell us how much it's going to cost before making us sign-up for the darn service. I find something curiously facist about that kind of service

That's all for today, but I reserve the right to rant on this subject again in the future.

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