Monday, January 22, 2001

Spammers are suffering from a lack of creativity. Really. Even their subject lines ("The Information You Requested" or "Hi!") are tediously dull. Makes me think that spamming is a lost art. I suppose there ought to be a school where we can send spammers so they can refine their craft to a fine science. Seriously. If you're going to send stupid emails to half of the planet, at least make them good. Since I own several (okay, many) email accounts, sometimes I get the same spam from the same person three or four times in one day.I'm truly touched, overwhelmed by this person's concern for my economic status ("Make Money At Home Now! Quit Your Day Job!") or their thoughtfulness in pointing out things that I may need ("Yes, this six-bullet gun and knife combination is a must!"). How can you not be impressed by a spammer's diligence in this respect? Sure, they take up bandwidth and make me excercise the "delete" button more than I'd like to, but really - they're just people out there who genuinely care about the well-being of the other 4.9 billion people out there. Truly, spammers are misunderstood. I'm glad I got the chance to set the record straight.

Site of the day: Urban Legends - Ever wonder about those mail forwards that your friends (or enemies) might send you? You know what I'm talking about - the ones that say that if you go to a bar, you'll likely end up losing a kidney in the process? Or the heart-wrenching "missing child" ones? Or "send me a million postcards because I'm in the hospital" emails? Go to this site first and check out the veracity before clicking "forward."

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