Thursday, January 25, 2001

Jane Austen. My idol. I probably should adore someone more contemporary, but it's easier to transfer your affection to one who has been dead for centuries; that way you have no fear of competition and their complete sylllabus is known to all with no possibility of surprise.

So today's reading pick of the day? Jane Austen's wonderful satiric, "Northanger Abbey." This novel was published posthumously and it's my favorite of Miss Austen's work, with "Persuasion" ranking second. Lovely take on the gothic romances of the day and the general silliness of high society and the great value one places on connections. Definitely one of Miss Austen's more romantic novels, but with a cutting humor and a main character - Catherine - who is not altogether admirable. Rather, she is plain, not witty, and certainly has no talent of her own - an unusual circumstance for an Austen heroine. However, Catherine acquits herself admirably and manages to triumph at the end.

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.


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