Monday, April 04, 2005

Hair be dragons

I neglected to mention that I got my annual hair cut last week. Every year around this time, I do a massive chop of the hair in anticipation of the summer heat. The problem is, it's currently too short for a pony-tail and it refuses, REFUSES, to cooperate with my hair iron. If someone took a scalding hot iron to me, I'd straighten right out, but my hair is stubborn that way. It keeps curling and you'd think it'd at least have the consideration to curl in the same direction, but it doesn't, and the end result is hair that goes in every which way and cannot be tamed by any number of bobby pins, clips or rubber bands. The end result is I wake up looking as if someone had plopped a haystack on top of my head and even ministrations with the comb get it to look something like a deflated and lopsided Afro.

I tell you all this because I just watched "The Bachelor." I don't usually watch that show, but dinner was later than usual (slight disaster with rice and rice cooker -- long story and slightly embarrasing) so when I plopped down, "The Bachelor" was the only thing on (I don't have cable). There's something rather weird about 25 women competing for one guy who thinks nothing of making out with all of them. But that's another quibble for another day. My major beef with the episode was the hair. How do those women have such great hair? Even when given only five minutes to get ready, their hair springs to attention, as if all those blond-highlighted strands are proud graduates of Hair Boot Camp. Good hair and the opportunity to make a fool of yourself on television (I mean, c'mon, who wears a bikini to a first date?) -- it just doesn't seem right somehow.

Random fact: Apparently it was Jane Pauley who popularized the expression 'bad hair day'.

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