Thursday, April 14, 2005

Blog rerun

Every now and then, I have a blog rerun. Not consciously, like the Valentine's Day one (which I forgot this year), but because I do -- believe it or not -- run out of things to say. The entry that was supposed to go here felt curiously familiar; only the wording was slightly different and I was thinking, "Whoa, I'm redundant in text as well as in spoken word." It was a humbling epiphany, let me tell you.

This blog is more than four years old. That's practically medieval in blog years, so it's no surprise I've started to repeat myself, especially as over the years I've gotten smarter about the blogging thing. No work, no super personal details or stories, and very few mentions of friends -- it kind of limits the playing field to explosions either in politics or the kitchen. Lately, I haven't been cooking that much, relying on Amy's frozen dinners, which are decidedly non-burnable/explosive and I've got nothing when it comes to politics; the country's managed to stay together for over 200 years through some weird stuff. It'll get through this 'weird stuff' too.

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