Friday, February 20, 2004

KC was unaware of the joy and goodness of breakfast tacos, the best breakfast food ever. However, we are still reeling from this recipe which calls for hard taco shells. Blasphemy!

The claim was made here in the office that Ortega is really manufactured in NYC and how dare it call itself Mexican? Anyway, I do some research and found out that Ortega was really originally Mexican until 1946 when the original 'Mama' Ortega sold it to someone. Who that is, I couldn't figure out, but in 2003, B&G Foods bought it, but remains cagey on a) where the headquarters are located and b) where Ortega products are actually manufactured (not cooked, manufactured. You have eaten Ortega brand stuff, haven't you?).

The bottom line is that breakfast tacos are served in a flour tortilla, which is not the same thing as a taco shell and anyone who tells you differently is probably from NYC.

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