Sunday, November 23, 2003

Unexpected shopping took me out and about today so I didn't get the things done online that I'd planned to do. I spent way too much time in toy stores and baby stores and came up empty. My grand purchase after all of that time was three pairs of trouser socks. Which I very much needed, but I drove nearly 30 miles for three pairs of trouser socks (not counting the 6 miles to the first shopping center where I was out-classed and then nearly suffocated by the aromas in Victoria's Secret).

And then there was that incident at the Mexican restaurant, when the waiter thought I was my 24-year old cousin's mother.


In other words, I'm so unbelievably far beind in email. What I need is a secretary.

BTW, for those of you receiving this blog via email, I re-enabled the subscription service so you should be once have updates delivered to the convenience of your inbox once a day. Sorry about taking so long to notice that there was a problem. Feel free to drop me a email if you have any questions about the email subscription. Any questions about the RSS feed should be directed to jemima.

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