Saturday, November 15, 2003

This, that, and the kitchen sink

Someone is seranading me outside of my window. Or at least I think so. He is singing and my windows are open, ergo, he must be seranading me. But unfortunately, he is off-key and drowning out my non-off key music, and so I had to shut the windows on him.

Today, I purchased whole wheat pasta along with the usual egg noodles. I admit, I was attracted to the recipe on the back of the whole wheat pasta box more than anything else and in a fit of laziness I got already oregano/basil/garlic seasoned chopped tomatoes.

I did NaNo today. I'm somewhere around 43,000 words, and it looks like most NaNoers took last week off along with me. I'm on the middle of the third page today.

I haven't gotten much further with the Mary Magdalene fanfiction and am about to ditch Mary in favor of the Alamo. I can't believe Margaret George -- author of the Mary Magdalene book -- would let me down like this but I lost it when Mary's husband accused Mary of being crazy and then chased her out of town with a pitchfork. Okay, maybe the pitchfork part isn't true, but the rest of it read like a bad, bad fanfic (in fact, this scene is very reminscent of the fic jemima blithely calls "The Worst Story Ever"). This is supposed to be my intelligent high-brow literary reading, not more trashy genre stuff. There's plenty of the bad stuff here.

Is it just me or is "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" on all time on Bravo? And it seems cable television is where "Law and Order" goes after wearing out its welcome at NBC (where it is also on all the time -- is there a night when "Law and Order" isn't on on NBC?). It's amazing -- flip through any channel and whoa, "Law and Order" in all of its various permutations. I saw an ep briefly the other night with Claire, played by Jill Hennessey. The less said about Angie Harmon the better, though I'm not necessarily sure acting skill is a real requiremen for that show -- only the ability to look serious and occasionally summon up some righteous fury.

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