Wednesday, October 01, 2003

When it rains, it pours

My car died again this morning. It's either a battery or an alternator problem. Luckily, a nice couple was outside at the same time I discovered this and I asked them for a jump. But man. Talk about timing. I wanted to get to work early today because I leave early for my class so why cut the day any shorter than I already have? Plus, I'm taking 1/2 day on Monday and a little longer than usual lunch on Friday. Why push my luck, right? Luckily, I still beat everyone in this morning. I was 15 minutes late, but everyone else was later. So, it all worked out. The car will be going to the mechanic this weekend (car is in the parking garage so it doesn't know yet that it's going to the doctor) and I'll figure out exactly what the problem is. But gosh, it would happen when I have about 80 million other things on my mind.

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