Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I was watching the "Today" show this morning and they were featuring little vignettes of people saying who they had voted for in the California recall and why. One woman said she'd voted "for the movie star, what is his name?" three minutes after casting her ballot and another said she'd chosen Schwarzenegger because he would get results. This isn't a movie and no one has scripted the end of this chapter in California history. But I agree with the woman on at least the star-quality aspect of getting results: when one carries a bazooka, one will get results.

The idea of a Republican governor in California is scary. Either way, for Bush, this was a win-win situation. Gray Davis stays and the president campaigns against Davis and gets his brownie points that way. Now with a Republican governor, it might be easier to deliver up California to the Republicans. Of course, it's not like Jeb Bush had an easy time of it in Florida so perhaps handing California to Bush isn't a foregone conclusion. But then again, Schwarzenegger is a moderate Republican, so perhaps it's not all bad.

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