Thursday, October 09, 2003

Sarah is in town for work this week, so she spent the night and we were able to catch up. We had dinner late last night, after the writing class, and then she followed me back here. We were discussing being "morning people" and neither of us are, but I thought it was interesting because when I say "morning person," I mean someone who is cranky and requires time to wake up. This is why, despite not being a morning person, I usually wake up by 7 am every morning (also, the caffeine addiction is a major factor -- caffeine heachaches blow big time) and then spend the next 3 hours waking up and getting un-cranky.

Do I owe you an email? Most probably yes. ::hangs head:: I have 12 unread emails in my Top Sekrit Real Addy and I can't even begin to tell you what's going on with the regular email addy, other then I finally responded yesterday to a thoughtful email written to me probably in the beginning of September. Gah. I'm so awful. How do you people put up with me?

I'll be back online tonight and despite having an invitation for this weekend, I'll probably just stay home. I need to do some cooking, catch up on email, find a book called "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien and do my writing assignment for next week. It's should be a listing of a very trivial event of the day -- I'm not sure I understand the assignment without reading the story in question, but already I've decided the three year old ("I'm small now, but when I'm four, I'm going to be big, right?" "No, sweetie, when you're ten, you'll be big then. Okay?" "Yeah...") will be the focus of the story because it has to be slightly comedic and there's nothing funnier than a three-year old cuddling up to her still-sleeping brother and then claiming he kicked her awake :-)

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