Thursday, March 06, 2003

The paper is finished. As of 8:30 this morning. Pretty decent, huh? I didn't stay up all night (Mom!) to write it. I actually finished the rough draft by 6 pm last night (it took me about 90 minutes) and then went out to hang out for dinner with some friends. I was gratified to learn at dinner that I wasn't the only one who had a late start. Other people were just starting their paper after dinner. I just did a bit of editing until about 11 pm. We had a six-page limit and my paper was about seven so I made creative use of margins, font and trying to cut out extraneous material. I'm happy to report that I eliminated all but a few uses of the word 'that'. However, my writing was more passive than usual - I just couldn't be bothered to eliminate 'to be' from my writing this time around as the entire assignment aggravated me to no end.

I found out that a lot of people were getting their paper professionally bound. Yet another thing I really didn't want to be bothered doing. Even though Copy Corner is right around the corner from my place. But since someone said she'd emailed Cheerleader Prof to ask about binding, I figured I couldn't overlook this new bit of intelligence. Luckily, I had a vinyl folder hanging around and I used that, even it was obviously made for a two-hole punch paper, not three-hole punch. But there is a white strip that goes over the holes anyway, so I figure I'm good. I do think binding is a waste of money, especially for a six-page paper that is basically useless; unlike other papers and projects I've done over the last two years, this isn't one that could really go into the portfolio because it really doesn't demonstrate anything that could be useful to a future employer.

Bad attitude much? Yeah, pretty much so.

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