Thursday, September 06, 2001

Quote from Andrew quoting Kissinger (or Nixon, he's not sure): "All you need to be a good writer is a lead butt." True? Not true? Discuss. I do have to say, you do have to be able to have the patience to sit for a very long time to write and not only that, have the patience to get through the dry spells (which can be infuriating in their own ways). Of course, if you're in a writer's block period, sitting isn't going to help - I personally like to hit the gym or do something active or maybe get a good book. Sometimes, I go looking for fic (check this blog and my links page for my recommendations).

BTW, commercials which need to go away: the green M&Ms commercial with the parents who are concerned about the pin-up of the green M&M in their son's birthday. It's got cheesy music and a mother on the verge of tears. "But he's my little boy." Glad to hear it - it would be really creepy if she was sitting in someone else's son's room demanding that a cheesy poster be taken down.

Speaking of cheesy, I caught a bit of "Little House on the Prairie" the other day and wow, talk about melodrama. Don't get me wrong - love the show still - but my, they are good at *running*. Anything remotely angsty happens, they *run*, literally, out the door, and because it's on a prairie, they usually head out into wide open spaces, where they mope until the cause of their anguish comes to find them and apologizes. I think the running is a metaphor for *something*, but I'm not quite sure what. And it just occurred to me - the Ingalls kept adopting all of these children, but poor, poor Carrie never, I mean never, got any lines except for the occasional "Yes, Ma." Anyway, I did go looking for "Little House on the Prairie" in a curious "where are they now?" type mood. Especially for poor Sidney/Lindsey Greenbush (Carrie).

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