Monday, September 17, 2001

I'm moving on. The television is off and I'm doing my best to avoid newspapers. The horror does not lessen with each passing day and I continue to find myself stunned by the new stories which emerge. Because of this, I'm moving on. Not forgetting, mind you, and it doesn't mean I no longer care - it simply means that to keep sane, I can't let what happened on Sept. 11 consume every moment of my life. If I do that, then the terrorists have as good as won and I'm not going to let them have the satisfaction of getting to me.


Site Rec: YMMV. I've discovered nirvana, a site that recs fics. Unlike the Best of Trek, this one recs sites from a variety of fandoms, which is awesome for a multi-fandom reader. You can find "X-Files," "West Wing," "Buffy" and "Voyager" recs. There may be others, but these are the ones I took notice of. So, if you need an escape, check out this site for some ideas.

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