Sunday, May 02, 2010

Paper paper

So much for a paper-less world. I've got a small forest in my guest room. What's crazy is that I trashed and shredded paper back in October/November in anticipation for the move and then I did the same again back in February. What does it tell you that even after all that, I still filled two bags with paper? All this paper, btw, is the paper that came in the move, not additions in the six months since. I still haven't started shredding yet. Quite frankly, it's overwhelming.

The paper keeps coming. The new arrivals congregate on top of the dining room table, just a pure mess due to the last 6 weeks of just dumping and going. Some stuff is easy to trash -- catalogs, mail flyers, advertisements, mail for other people who used to live here -- but then there's the grey area like credit card applications and somewhat interesting information that you're not sure whether to save or trash. So it all just sits on the dining room table trusting that someday someone will come and figure out what's what. Someday has finally come and it's just kind of an unfun way to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon.

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