Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Head's up

I'm pretty sure everyone is going to migrate to blogspot already has done so, but definitely check your old web server when you're done (if you were ftp'ing to your own site like I was). Apparently, when you migrate, blogger dumps a whole bunch of crap onto your server, and in my case, it increased the amount of server space I was using by 169 mb. Which is nutty when you think that this website, blog and fanfic together, and my mail only make up about 106 mb. Blogger's back-up caused me to go over on my space and as a result, my host is charging me for overusage. It's so annoying. I'm currently downloading the back-up files and deleting them off the server so I can avoid the extra fees in June. So, for those of you who are/have migrated, double-check your old digs. There might be a little surprise for you there (but I hope not!).

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