Thursday, November 12, 2009


This story in the WSJ re executives who got laid off and are still living large, even turning down job offers, seems so far removed from reality. It's hard to imagine keeping on with $130 haircuts or the Starbucks habit when you no longer have income to support it. It doesn't seem very smart to me, but then I get my hair cut at Haircuts for Less and similar ilk and I find Starbucks disgusting so my coffee habit is usually limited to Taster's Choice with the occasional splurge on McDonald's McCafe.

What's crazy is a couple of people in this article have turned down job offers. In this kind of economy, who knows when the next offer is coming? It just seems enormously irresponsible for people who are otherwise pretty smart.


Lori said...

My trouble is that the interviews I'm getting are all out of town. One was six hours' drive from here. I don't think that I could afford to move unless they offer me relocation funds, and I know that in social services that ain't gonna happen... I can't imagine expensive haircuts while jobless, but it's obvious those folks are still living large on reserves. Probably selling off those second boats, homes, and the third BMW.

Seema said...

They might have reserves but it just seems kind of stupid especially given the economy the way it is. Reserves don't last when you're getting $130 haircuts, treating people to expensive lunches, and eating out all the time.

I hope you find something soon :-(. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.