Thursday, November 05, 2009


Interesting article, or rather book review -- Flesh of Your Flesh.

How is it that Americans, so solicitous of the animals they keep as pets, are so indifferent toward the ones they cook for dinner? The answer cannot lie in the beasts themselves. Pigs, after all, are quite companionable, and dogs are said to be delicious.


talkingdonkey said...

The lifeform is removed from the meat. You don't have a pet pork, you have a pet pig. Similarly so, you don't have a pet beef, but a cow. You have a hen or a rooster, but not a chicken. You eat venison not deer.

Seema said...

Interesting thought. I know a kid who was absolutely horrified when she found out the hamburgers she ate were actually once an animal. Didn't stop her though from enjoying after a while.