Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lily's dancing on the table

I just had a smackdown with my dentist. I mean, I know you're not supposed to pick fights with people who have bright shiny objects pointed at your mouth, but there's a principle at stake, mainly when I ask for a cleaning, I should get one, yes? There should not be an extra charge for one, yes? Because isn't that what insurance is for? And don't go on about the coffee stains on my teeth when all I care about is whether I have cavities or not. I mean, SERIOUSLY.

Anyway, I did call my insurance company, complained loudly and profusely (the place had no parking, for God's sake! I had to ask to get my teeth brushed! The dentist didn't speak English! These are MINIMAL qualifications!). So the end result is I'm getting a new dentist and they will allow me to get another cleaning at no extra charge now, rather than waiting another six months. Gah. To say I'm not happy would be an UNDERSTATEMENT OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.

But what does make me happy, though, is discovering -- and I can't believe how long it took me to discover this -- that Jon Stewart is on YouTube. Here is the clip of the ever impressive and inspiring Bill Clinton, but there are tons of really funny ones on there too. Skip the Gillian Anderson one though. Sometimes, stars are best as their character -- pretty, shiny, nice kitty kind of thing, best not to scrape away at the facade, y'know?

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