Friday, September 08, 2006


On Monday, CNN will be re-broadcasting its coverage of 9/11 on CNN Pipeline. I actually have a chunk of that coverage on videotape (which has been carefully labeled and put away, never to be watched again) because I'd actually set my VCR that morning to tape "Little House on the Prairie", which was then interrupted by CNN's coverage. It is amazing footage, and if you haven't seen it, Aaron Brown's raw emotion is something to be witnessed.

I won't be watching, however, nor will I be watching ABC's controversial docudrama. It's an important day, but I was there, and I don't need any of this media blitz to remind me how I felt that day. I'd like my memories of that day, of my emotions to be untainted.

LotD: How conservatives got Coulterized. ::shudder::

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