Sunday, April 16, 2006


Today, when coming back from my uncle's place, I stopped at the gas station. In front of me was a mini van, steel blue, and with Mexican license plates. But what really caught my attention was the large green bumper stickers on the rear-end and passenger side doors of the car. The lettering, in silver, read "Herbalife." It amused me, and I wondered if this guy and his family (wife, two kids) were one of the Herbalife success stories or had they just gotten involved in the "work from home" business recently and in a fit of enthusiasm, papered their Windstar with bumper stickers proclaiming their dubious product to the rest of the world?

Seeing this van also reminded me of this investigative report on work from home scams.

Whatever the case is, hope it's working out for this particular family, because they did look sweet.

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