Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Charity has set up a relief fund for the Red Cross over here and Network for Good has a list of relief organizations providing aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The devastation is amazing and of long duration and in fact, some call it one of the worst natural disasters ever.

These people need all the help we can provide. The LA/MS/AL area is among the poorest and the country and many of the people who have lost everything in New Orleans are also among the poorest in the country. It will be months, at least, before the area recovers, and years before some of these people will get back on their feet.

Also, here's a change: State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said earlier on Wednesday 10 to 12 foreign governments have offered general assistance to the United States to deal with the hurricane aftermath but no decision had been made about how these offers might be used. I always feel so proud when Americans rush to help other people, and it's amazing to me how generous and open people can be in times of crisis. It just feels weird to know other people are looking at Katrina's devastation and wondering how they can help us.

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