Friday, August 26, 2005

Because it's there

If Mt. Everest was a fandom, I'd certainly be among its number one fangirls. There's just something so heart-stopping about that peak. I'm not so much into the thin air bit, something about needing oxygen, but I do very much admire those who scale that peak. It's not easy, it's not safe, and it's hard, hard work, and when you get to the tiny tip of the summit, you get all of 5 minutes to admire the view. Because, as it's commonly said, anyone can get up that hill; it's coming down that's the problem.

National Geographic has some links on Everest over here and NOVA has a page on the mountain here.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post had an article on military recruiting and affluence that's well worth reading.

There's a review of Amazon's new Short Stories program over here.

That's it for me, fanboys and fangirls. I'll see you on the other side of the weekend. Hope you have a good and safe one.

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