Monday, June 20, 2005

The obligatory propaganda post

The media is only just now up and running with the Downing Street Memo, which is amazing when you think about ALL OF THE POLITICIANS WE COULD HAVE BROUGHT DOWN WITH THIS MEMO. Though, to be quite frank, I haven't read the actual document -- only excerpts the media has been doling out over the last month, but even so, it doesn't look so good for either Blair or Bush -- but what do they care? They got re-elected anyway and we the American people are way too interested in a runaway bride ($500,000!) to actually care whether the president might have lied to us. Next!

In other news, I'm struggling through "All the President's Men" -- the Watergate story as written by Bernstein and Woodward. I never actually understood Watergate and now that we know who Deep Throat is, I figured I should read this book that's been sitting on my bookshelf for years and years. Still, it's awfully hard slogging through -- for journalists, Woodward and Bernstein are kind of dodgy writers -- and every time H.R. Haldeman's name comes up, I remember Dave Foley's SNL version of him cackling with 'Nixon' over the secret tapes and all gravity of the situation is lost.

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