Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Geek Whimsy

I was thinking the other day that it'd be really cool to come up with a sort of recs system for sites like mine that have a certain number of fics covering a certain number of fandoms. I envision a database that allows you to pick characters, fandom, plot versus no plot, romance/gen/het/slash/angst/humor, and rating. Once you put all the variables in, it comes back with a story or two that fits your particular need at that time.

So maybe 'recs' isn't the right word -- perhaps, it's a customized offering depending on what the reader wants to read. That way, people wouldn't have to shift through, say my Paris/Torres angst, if all they really wanted was Paris/Seven love. Scrolling could be kept to a minimum and perhaps the reader could customize the site to feature only the stories she likes to read. Honestly, frightening as it is, perhaps someone could customize my site for All Janeway/Chakotay (tm) all the time. Hmmm?

And places to go: The Debunking of Fareneheit 9/11.

And on that note, good night moon.

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