Wednesday, July 14, 2004

As American as apple pie

I don't really have much to say -- it's not easy to come up with new material to blog about every day. Especially interesting material. I'd be happy to reprint my non-existent grocery list here for you, but I'm pretty sure that'd only be worthwhile to those of you suffering from insomnia. And as for the grocery situation, it's not improved much because I can't be bothered to go to the store during the week. However, I'm happy to report I have enough pasta in my pantry to feed the country of Uruguay.

Speaking of Uruguay, are you watching The Amazing Race? Tuesday nights, 10 pm EST, on CBS. Seriously, Best. Reality. Show. I was seriously considering applying for it, except for the little detail of not being terribly adventurous with food (don't even remind me of red-bean ice-cream!) and having this thing about high places. But you should watch. Really.

Speaking of high places, the Blimp Kind are back. This time, the Blimp Kind are cruising in style in a patriotic-themed vehicle (prounounced ve-HICK-cal in the military), courtesy of Ameriquest. If you're not consolidating your mortgage or buying a house, you're unAmerican! And oh yes, while you're on their site, don't forget to enter the contest to win a trip to the 2004 World Series because there is nothing more patriotic than a baseball game, preferably watched while consuming apple pie. You can also take the trip with some baseball great I've never heard of, but there's nothing here on whether you'll have to spend time with the Blimp Kind. So go. Enter. And don't say I never offer you opportunities to show your patriotism.

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