Tuesday, March 30, 2004

All good intentions

I meant to blog tonight about Henry but I kind of lost track of time between making pizza dough for tomorrow night's dinner and playing Civilization. I only meant to play Civilization for a couple of years -- I'd started the game yesterday and retired after about 30 minutes, so I didn't think I'd be enthralled today. Ah, but that was before I discovered the power of the right click button! And oooh, I finally figured out how to do the espionage thingy! And I have a culture overflowing with... well, culture. I kept playing thinking, "I can stop anytime." Well, no, no I can't. You'd think after a decade of playing this game I would know better. My delusions and I will be sitting right over here doin' just fine.

So no Henry VIII for you people tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

I still have my cold, but it's now a liveable cold rather than "I'm going to die" cold. Just so you know, OTC drugs are wonderful, wonderful things.

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