Sunday, January 11, 2004


I'm wearing a wool sweater. A red wool sweater. This is so many degrees of wrong I can't even begin to tell you. Of course, the Northeast has it worse, definitely, and they probably think I'm a big baby (okay, so I am!), but good God, wool sweater? Here? Now? Bah, I say, bah!


I may be changing my email address, I'm not sure. I'm getting tired of weeding through the spam mixed in with real mail. The Top Sekrit Addy is still spam-free for the most part, but I'm not ready to give that out to the masses at large. I'll keep you posted.


I almost missed the US Women's National Figure Skating Championships yesterday. It was only by a fluke I saw that it was on. To avoid spoiling, the results are here for anyone interested.


No food in my house. Absolutely none. My brother and J tided me over for one more day thanks to bringing me Thai food yesterday, but now, between dinner and lunch, it's all gone. I only have half a bowl of rice left. One would think the logical thing would be to go shopping. Oddly, I've done many boring and mundane things today like cleaning the inside of the microwave and vaccuuming, yet these chores are more interesting to me than grocery shopping. But my stomach is reminding me that I cannot, cannot put this off a minute longer.

Now, the decision is which grocery store? I could probably waste another hour or so just pondering that question.

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