Saturday, May 26, 2001

Things that make you go huh:

So I'm at Barnes & Noble yesterday killing time before an appointment and I've got my coffee frappuchino from the ubiquitous Starbucks and I'm looking over the magazines and I see the darndest thing. Those enterprising Full House twins - Mary-Kate and Ashley, remember them? - have their own magazine now! Go figure. It was called (surprise) Mary-Kate and Ashley. Anyway, the frappuchino actually gets put down while I browse. Truly mind-boggling. They have a list of the top ten reasons why they have a magazine and number one is my favorite: Because we can. At least they're honest about it.

Anyway, just because I'm feeling kindly towards the sticky sweet duo, I'll give the site of the day to them: Mary-Kate and These are two very busy young ladies: their own books, movies, television shows, clothing line - Good God, I'm lucky if I can roll out of bed in the morning and put lipstick on. Anyway, go check out the bubblegum-ish site - yeah, purple and yellow are grotesque but then Mary-Kate & Ashley know what's hip, right? Of course right.

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