Thursday, February 02, 2012

Deep thoughts for today

Remember this post? It was something I took to heart and followed. I swore off most news sites, contenting myself only with what was on the "Today Show" and for those of you who watch that, you know any real news content ends after 7:20 am. In general, the less I know what goes on in the world, the less anxious I feel. After all, I'm a rehabilitated journalist -- I know that "what bleeds, leads"; it's been a good change now that I'm unaware of all the Very Very Bad Things (tm) that happen in Sweat Sock City.

This week, for personal reasons, we made the decision to keep the television off. J, of course, watches in the morning when he wakes up and starts work. Once I wake up, we turn it off. We have been television-free now for four days (if you don't count J watching the news from 6 am to 7 am). The end result is a surprisingly calm household and better sleep and we both finished 400+ page novels in a matter of days. And oh, all evening chores such as cooking dinner and doing the dishes (among other things) were done. We were actually discussing the other day how much we enjoyed not having the television on. Big change for this former fanfic writer, huh?

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