Friday, March 19, 2010


I should have been looking for a job but ended up spending too much time reading this blog and got exposed to things like a gigantic baby tattoo on a parental arm and a placenta shake for the first post-partum meal (REALLY? People do this????) and all sorts of craziness (mostly grammatically incorrect) related to kids (I need to know about pink poop why?), belly casts, and "push" gifts, all courtesy of Facebook.


Unknown said...

The internet is fun precisely because it will never be sane. :)

Belly cast sounds like something I would tire of finding in the closet and throw away - or give to the kid. "Mom, what will I do with this?"

Seema said...

I was wondering what I'd do with such a thing -- put it in the foyer for everyone to gawk at? What was truly disturbing were the numerous placenta meals, including a calzone-like thingy. Nutty, nutty.