Friday, February 13, 2009

Shakespeare has a lot to answer for

Romeo and Juliet are a pair of knuckleheads. These two have launched a thousand fics and movies, and through various media, the idea that these two are the world's greatest lovers, star-crossed and all that, has survived. In truth, we're talking about two teenagers who fell in lust love at first sight, gyrated their way through hormonal-fueled angst, and then they impetuously died over a misunderstanding. This is an adolescent romance that lasted all of, what, 24 hours? Even Britney Spears' first marriage was longer than that. Weirdly, all this translates into the World's Most Romantic Romance Ever (tm), enough so that someone wants these two on their wedding invite*. Or maybe you'd like a "Romeo and Juliet" themed wedding? If you happen to attend such a wedding, I'd recommend staying away from the cocktails.

* Also, apostrophe abuse, which is just unconscionable


Anonymous said...

On Valentine's Day too! Hormonal-fueled angst! Wash your mouth with soap, Seema. Love is the noblest sentiment of all. It blesses us at any age, young, old, black, white ... there are no barriers to love. But it is blind and Heaven help us if we're not ready.

I'll say a prayer for you ... Harry

copracat said...

I hadn't read the play when first I saw it. Imagine my shock when Mercutio died! Really, I became a fan of spoilers then. I spent the rest of the play in mourning that the best character was gone.