Thursday, February 08, 2007

Modest is as modest does

I've been fascinated by Lydia of Purple at and not just because of the appallingly long URL. It's like a peek into a whole 'nother culture. While I'm all about not letting it all hang out, I wonder if dressing this old-fashioned (no, 1901 was NOT the height of fashion, I'm sorry) doesn't attract even more attention than simply wearing a long skirt and a sweater set. I do think the dresses with bloomers for little girls are adorable. I just wouldn't want to wear them when I've reached the double-digit ages.

I also learned about Ladies Against Feminism today and Prairie Muffins. It was a very educational day. I like coming face to face with beliefs that are not my own, but in this case, there wasn't even a challenge. I can't even imagine living a life like that described in the Prairie Muffin Manifesto; I'm way too snarky, moody, cranky, and selfish to set a good example for anyone.

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