Saturday, November 04, 2006

Election day

I voted by mail yesterday and for the most part, I went Democrat. I voted for the independent for governor because I can't stand our current governor and his main challenger I'm not terribly impressed with either. Generally, I vote a straight Democrat ticket, with the occasional vote for an independent candidate. If there is only a Republican or Libertarian candidate, I don't vote at all in that category. I was dismayed to see on our ballot this year that there were only Republicans and Libertarians running for judicial positions. Gah.

In the eight years I've lived in Very Red State (tm), no one I've ever voted for has won. Never. And yet, every time an election rolls around, I diligently fill out my ballot, stuff it into its carrier envelope, put two stamps on it, and off I go. I like to think I'm part of that little bit of blue oasis in the middle of the state, the metaphorical middle finger to the rest of the state.

But. Yes. Despite the fact it doesn't count, I did vote. You should too. This Tuesday, Nov. 7.

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