Sunday, October 01, 2006

Survey says

And this, dear readers, is where I ask for your feedback. I have some burning, important questions on my mind, and I'm just curious as to what the consensus is. I will tell you my opinions after you tell me yours. How about that?

1. If someone calls you, but doesn't leave a message, do you need to call them back? (This is assuming you have caller ID and can tell that you missed a phone call).

2. Are thank you notes necessary when you receive a gift?

3. How long is too long for an email? Or better yet, do you like receiving long emails? Do you feel pressure to respond if it's a long email?

4. By the same token, how long do you take to respond to an email? Same day? Couple days? Couple weeks? Couple months? Couple years?

5. Do you need pictures/music on a blog to make it interesting or are just text entries okay?

6. How do you feel about MySpace?

7. If someone cuts you in line, do you say something?

8. Cardinals or Mets? Another team?

9. On a first date, who pays?

10. Your pet peeve of the day.

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