Thursday, March 23, 2006


I didn't actually mean to ignore the blog these past few days. It just kind of happened. Also, the other day I came in to update and blogger was doing maintenance and I was too lazy to wait for them to finish.

Nothing much has happened that I can talk about. RL is finally settling down after being on a whirlwind for the last two weeks. I had a cold and laryngitis, which made me a most scintillating conversationalist. My office moved, and so last week was also a comedy in errors of where to park, where to sit, where to unpack everything -- y'know, kind of trauma you experience on the first day of school at a new building, but at least all your friends get to come with you.

I angsted about relationships of various kinds and made a decision to rip the band-aid off the bullet-hole (see previous post). The last one was really hard for me, because it's completely against my grain, but when you spend more energy trying to figure out how to deal with someone compared to what you get back -- well, maybe it's time to just say good-bye (and most of my friends were advising me to just skip the good-bye, but I couldn't help but get the last word in -- forgive me).

I'll surely angst about my decision to cut this person off cold turkey some more. RL friends, you may want to stay away from your phones, IMs and email for the weekend :-)

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