Monday, June 14, 2004

Things that annoy me

Because it's been that kind of day. In no particular order.

1. Drivers who treat parking lots and parking garages as their personal Indy 500.

2. People who double-dip. You break off a piece of bread/chip, dip, eat, and then you take a clean bread/chip, dip, eat. See how easy this is?

3. Hitting every single red light on a 5-mile stretch of road, especially when there is no traffic.

4. Thongs hanging out over the waist band of jeans. Please. Only one person managed to successfully carry off the underwear on the outside of her clothes thing. You are not her.

5. Very private Top Sekrit cell phone conversations carried out in public. TJ Maxx? Not the place to break up with your boyfriend. Seriously. Don't do it. Yes, he might be an idiot, but we think you're one too.

6. Chairs reclining all the way on an airplane so that suddenly my drink is in my lamp and a perfect stranger's head is in kissable distance. Why, hello there.

7. The common cold. Seriously. Not quite the plague but just as evil and debilitating.

8. Running out of toothpaste when you have no spare toothpaste.

9. Companies with no idea of customer service when you are paying them monthly for a service that they cannot successfully carry out on a month-to-month timeline.

10. 100 percent humidity.

As my crankiness persists, I reserve the right to further update this list with More Things that Annoy Me (tm). You are welcome to share your personal grievances/annoyances with me as well. I'm just in that kind of whiney, ranting mood. Why yes, you should back away from the crazy girl; try not to make any quick movements.

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